Omaze Reviews UK [2024]

Omaze is a platform that offers dream experiences and supports charities. However, its practices have received mixed reviews, with some people praising its transparency and successful fundraising while others are concerned.

Omaze Positive Reviews:



Omaze has a Trustpilot rating of 4.8 stars, with over 407,410 reviews. Users appreciate the platform’s transparency regarding odds and winners, as well as its legitimate winners and positive impact on charities.

Fundraising Success:

Omaze has raised millions for charity through its sweepstakes, which resonates with supporters who appreciate the platform’s effectiveness in generating donations.

Dream Experiences:

Many happy Omaze prize winners have shared their positive experiences online, testifying to the platform’s appeal. From owning a luxury home to meeting celebrities or embarking on incredible adventures, these prizes can be life-changing.

Omaze Negative reviews

Low Winning Odds:

Some users are concerned about Omaze’s lack of transparency regarding the exact odds of winning. Although the chances of winning are statistically low, this lack of transparency may raise doubts for some users.

Focus on High-rollers:

Critics argue that Omaze caters to individuals who can afford to make a high number of entries, which may disadvantage those with limited resources. This raises concerns about fairness and accessibility.

UK Launch Challenges:

Omaze’s UK launch initially faced doubt and criticism, with some questioning its legitimacy and fundraising practices.

Omaze USA website:

Omaze UK website:


Overall, Omaze provides an exclusive chance to win exceptional experiences and, at the same time, contribute to charitable causes. However, it is important to keep in mind the potential drawbacks, which include low odds of winning, fairness concerns, and past legal complications. Before entering, it is recommended to conduct thorough research on each sweepstake and evaluate your budget carefully.


is omaze a legit company?

Omaze provides three credit card payment options to take advantage of when buying tickets on the internet. They also have the backing of Omaze by the UK Fundraising Regulator, an excellent rating on Trustpilot, and many testimonials, which are all positive about Omaze. To fully understand the details of this reputable platform, we recommend reading our most recent Omaze reviews. This should give you a solid answer to the question, “Is Omaze legitimate?

How can I purchase Omaze tickets?

Omaze allows players to participate in their newest contest via postcards free of cost. Those who want to purchase several entry ticket bundles are now accessible to people who wish to buy tickets online. There are currently three payment options available on Omaze. Please find out more about them by reading our most recent Omaze reviews.

Am I likely to win the Omaze grand prize?

The odds of winning at Omaze is determined by the number of tickets you buy and the number of people participating in the competition. Whatever number of tickets are offered, Omaze promises to gift its chosen charity with the sum of 125,000. It also promises to give players weekly prizes and that they will be awarded to a lucky winner.

What ongoing rewards are available at omaze?

The grand prizes available at Omaze UK are always lucrative in size. Often, they will be luxury houses valued upwards of PS3,000,000. Alongside these great prizes, Omaze UK runs weekly rewards, too. Check out our latest Omaze reviews to discover precisely what is in store.

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