What Happens if You Win the Cotswolds House?

In February, we’ll offer the Omaze million-dollar House Winner the ultimate Friday experience when they find out they’re the proud homeowner of this Luxurious House in the Cotswolds valued at over £3,000,000.

Five bedrooms and five bathrooms, as well as an office, a double vaulted lounge, and gardens that are landscaped. The Luxurious House, located on the northern border of the Cotswolds, is the ideal spot to enjoy the luxurious rural lifestyle. After the contest winner has time to soak the news into their minds, they’ll have one very important concern for the next step: what’s next?

It’s one of the most significant parts. The decision is yours whether you move in, lease out, or sell. Whatever decision you make is bound to lead you to a fantastic future!

Let’s take a look at how each of these options applies to this Luxurious House located in the Cotswolds.

“Move In”

It doesn’t matter if it’s a hike along the hillsides, exploring the splendor of royal homes, or visiting historic cities. Our Cotswolds House Grand Prize Winner of the Draw will be able to enjoy everything. The following are ways we can make that dream a reality:

  • Don’t forget about stamp duty or mortgage payments–we’ve got you covered.
  • Complete with £140,000 of carefully chosen items, and you’re ready.
  • We’ll also provide 100,000 dollars to help with running costs and maintenance.

We’ve listed the estimated operating costs of Cotswolds House below. Cotswolds House as accurately as possible, and include an estimated running total of approximately £850 per month (as of December 2023) Based on the following:

  • Electricity: £500 per month.
  • Gas: £10 per month.
  • Water: £50 per month.
  • Telecoms: £40 per month.
  • Council tax: £250 per month.

Additional options, such as gardeners, cleaners, security monitoring, and maintenance, will cost an estimated £250 per month if the winner joins.

If you’re looking for a home that effortlessly blends traditional elements with modern design, then Cotswolds House Cotswolds House could be the ideal house for you.

Rental Out

A move to another house may not be in the plans for you, but. That’s fine, too. Since renting this house, Cotswolds House, which is just 30 minutes away from the ancient city of Oxford, could be an excellent option. In reality, the estimated rental income for the long-term of this property is between £5,000 and £7,000 per month.

Sell Up   

If your home is an investment property and the rental market isn’t the path you’d like to follow, selling the house and putting the money into a bank account is another option. It could mean financial freedom and a nest egg for your loved ones or the chance to spend money on the people you cherish (including yourself; selling your Cotswolds home is the best way to make your ideal life a reality.

You can move into. Rent it out. Sell it. Whatever you choose With this Luxurious house, you won’t be wrong.

If you do, by participating in the Cotswolds House Draw, you’ll help Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity to build a brand-new Children’s Cancer Centre to fight childhood cancer entirely and forever.

So, sign up for the Cotswolds House Draw today for the chance to make February memorable while also helping GOSH Charity.

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