Who is Freya at Omaze?

Meet Freya Melling – a woman of many talents! She’s a well-known face on Omaze UK, where she hosts prize draws and charity campaigns with her infectious enthusiasm and bubbly personality. She’s been with Omaze since 2018 and has become a favorite among the supporters of this platform.

Apart from her work at Omaze, Freya is also a successful entrepreneur in luxury real estate. She is the Managing Director of Fine & Country Pall Mall, which is a renowned agency specializing in high-end properties in London’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Her expertise and passion for the property market are evident in her work.

But that’s not all; Freya is also a trained dancer with a deep passion for the art form. She has performed in pantomimes, competitions, and even with renowned choreographer Matthew Bourne. Her talents also extend to social media, where she connects with her audience and shares glimpses of her work, travels, and personal life. You can find her on Instagram and TikTok, where she showcases her various interests.

To sum it up, Freya is a dynamic individual with multiple passions and skills. She’s a talented presenter, a savvy businesswoman, a dedicated dancer, and an engaging social media personality. Her diverse skillset and infectious energy make her a true force to be reckoned with at Omaze and beyond.

Who is freya at omaze husband?

Freya from Omaze does not publicly share information about her personal life, including her marital status. Therefore, I cannot confirm whether she has a husband or not. Respecting people’s privacy and only accessing information they share publicly is essential.

Who is freya at omaze net worth

Freya Melling is a presenter and social media personality for Omaze, a UK-based charity sweepstakes company. She is less well-known than some celebs, so there is no publicly available information about her net worth. However, she is likely to be paid a salary by Omaze UK, and she may also earn additional income from endorsements or other appearances.

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