Who is the Omaze lady? Meet the Omaze UK Lady You Know and Love

Many hardworking people at Omaze work tirelessly to bring stunning houses to our community and raise millions annually for charities across the UK.

However, some of these faces are more recognizable than others. Some are not behind the scenes but in front of the camera.

That’s right, we’re talking about our fantastic Omaze presenting team. Leading our group of professional presenters is Jo Pickard, a face (and voice) that our community has grown to love over the past three years.

We chatted with Jo to get a sneak peek behind the camera and have some of our community’s most pressing questions answered. So, if you’re ready, let’s spill the tea!

Jo Pickard Bio

NameJo Pickard
Full NameJoanne Pickard
Profession(s)Actress, Presenter, Voice Actress,
BirthdayBorn in 1988
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Age36 years
BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom
HometownLondon, England, United Kingdom
Net Worth$5 million as of 2023
HusbandStephen Rooke
ChildrenKatie and Chloe

Jo is an accomplished actor, presenter, and voice-over artist who has won several awards for her work.

Her passion lies in communicating stories to the world and bringing characters to life. Jo has worked with some of the best organizations in the industry, including the Olympic Games and OmazeUK. She has over 200 live events, TV shows, and advertisements to her credit.

Jo has a fully equipped professional home voice-over studio that includes Source Connect. This feature allows her to deliver high-quality recordings with real-time secure connections to clients worldwide.

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Joanne Pickard – The Omaze Advert Woman Facts

  • Joanne Pickard, also known as Jo Pickard, is a talented British actress, presenter, and voiceover artist who has received numerous awards for her work.
  • She was born in London, UK 1988, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • Jo Pickard has participated in over 200 live events, television shows, and commercials, including movies such as “The Art of Love” (2022) and “Bodies” (2006).
  • She is British by nationality, follows Christianity, and is of Caucasian ethnicity. Although her parents’ names are unknown, her father worked as a warehouse manager for an aviation company, and she has a brother named Jonny.
  • Jo Pickard attended Ryedale Secondary School before continuing her studies at the University of Central Lancashire.
  • After completing her university education, she began her career as an actor, presenter, and voiceover artist.
  • She has worked with clients such as the Olympic Games and OmazeUK.

A Closer Look at Joanne Pickard – The Omaze UK Lady

In this segment, we will deeply review Joanne Pickard, often called the ‘The Omaze The UK Lady’. An essential member of the Omaze community, Joanne’s story and contributions have significantly shaped the platform’s presence across the UK. From her inspirational story to her powerful role, we examine the impact she’s had in both Omaze and the larger scope of charitable donations.

Professional Life as well as Career

Learn more about the Life and professional activities of Joanne Pickard, exploring her important role and contribution to Omaze and her distinct career path.

  • Raised and born in the UK, Joanne Pickard’s lively personality has always helped Joanne Pickard stand out.
  • Before she became Omaze Advert Woman, she was a presenter and host. Omaze Advert Woman had a successful career as a presenter and host.
  • She’s also a dancer, model, and actor, showing many talents.

Use with Omaze

This segment is focused on Jo Pickard’s work at Omaze by describing her contribution and achievements and how she has contributed to Omaze’s success.

  • Joanne Pickard became associated with Omaze.co.uk in the UK and was soon awarded an honorary title: Omaze UK Lady.
  • Omaze is a perfect example of raising money and awareness for charitable causes through her unwavering enthusiasm.
  • Her charisma and easy-going personality make her a famous persona among Omaze’s viewers.

Public Recognition

Joanne Pickard, the Omaze Advert Actress, is known for her unique host style that makes every Omaze sweepstake announcement unforgettable. Her involvement with Omaze has attracted the public’s attention, and people have praised her commitment to Omaze and its cause.

She brings a unique blend of charm and authenticity to her work, effortlessly capturing the excitement of every sweepstake while highlighting the significant character of the charity activities that Omaze supports. Her talks aren’t just informative and invigorating, urging viewers to be involved and to support these worthy causes.

The Lasting Impact of Joanne Pickard, the Omaze Woman

Joanne Pickard’s influence goes far beyond her mission as Omaze Lady. Her commitment to the charitable causes backed through the Omaze Contest distinguishes her from the rest of the. She uses her platform to create awareness and generate significant donations for various reasons.

In her role as the Omaze Lady UK, Joanne effortlessly blends her energetic presentation skills with her love for giving back and makes an impact beyond the screen.

As she grows in her job as Omaze Lady UK, you can be sure that her legacy as Joanne Pickard, the Omaze UK Lady, will be defined by her unmistakable enthusiasm as well as her enthralling personality and her unstoppable passion for giving back to the community.

With her rise to fame as Omaze’s Omaze UK Lady and her commitment to charity, Joanne Pickard’s tale is as captivating as it is inspirational. Her involvement as Omaze Omaze continues to impact lives, making her more than just an Omaze presenter; she inspires the world.

A new persona emerged from Omaze advertising, {Omaze UK Man. Omaze UK Man. You should explore his life story and find out how his unique contributions have significantly enriched the realm of charity.

Contact Jo:


Samantha Dodd


Carey Dodd Associates, 78 York Street, London W1H 1DP

+44 (0)207 993 4992


Why is Joanne Pickard popularly known as the Omaze UK Lady?

Joanne Pickard gained popularity as the Omaze UK Lady due to her involvement in conjunction with Omaze within the UK, in which she announces the sweepstakes announcements of Omaze in her own unique and captivating style.

How did Joanne Pickard become the Omaze Lady UK?

Joanne’s unwavering dedication to charitable causes and her charismatic style of presentation attracted the interest of Omaze and led her to be Omaze’s Omaze UK Lady.

Who is Joanne Pickard?

Joanne Pickard, popularly known as the Omaze UK Lady, is an accomplished presenter and event host affiliated with Omaze across the UK.

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