Has Anyone Won Omaze with Free Entry UK

Omaze is a platform that offers prize draws with the chance to win various prizes, including houses.

In the UK, Omaze has at least one chance to win a house, and only UK citizens are eligible to enter. The free entryway for the house drawing is by post rather than online.

To enter Omaze’s prize draws, you can buy entries online, which cost £10 for 15 entries, £25 for 40 entries, £50 for 85 entries, or £150 for 320 entries.

Alternatively, you can purchase an Omaze subscription and pay £10 a month, which will give you 30 entries into every current house draw on the 1st of each month.

While Omaze has not explicitly mentioned any draw winners who have won houses via free entry, it is possible to enter the UK house draw for free by sending a postal entry.

However, this method of entry will cost you postage costs for each submission. With 2nd class stamps costing 75p each, the price of sending multiple entries could potentially be more costly than purchasing a ticket online.

Omaze has a history of legitimate prize draws, and the winners are announced on their website. However, it is important to read the official rules and terms and conditions carefully before participating in any Omaze UK prize draw.

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