Where is the omaze mallorca house – Take a Tour

Located in verdant Selva, at the foot of Mallorca’s Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, this stunning villa is waiting for the next Grand Prize Winner.

If you want to escape the cold British winters and enjoy a holiday in Mallorca, then enter the Omaze Million Pound House Superdraw, Mallorca, supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK.

By participating, you have a chance to win this £3,000,000 holiday home, along with £250,000 cash. The four-bedroom finca is just 40 minutes away from Palma Airport and five minutes from the charming village of Caimari, which is famous for its traditionally made olive oil.

As you walk through the garden of ripening citrus, pomegranate, and olive trees with vibrant flowers in bloom, you will come across two tall wooden doors. These doors will lead you into the traditional sandstone villa, which is designed like an infinity mirror.


You will pass through an airy hallway, underexposed rafters and a glittering globe chandelier along a stone path and up a leafy archway.

Finally, you will arrive at a fanfare of pale pink, powder-puff Muhly grass. The villa’s open-plan rooms unfold effortlessly into its beautiful grounds, which thrive in perfect harmony with the burgeoning land of the Serra de Tramuntana beyond.

The interior of this tranquil villa has a colour palette that will calm your soul. Creams, off-whites, and earth tones are dialled down to their softest level.

The indoor olive tree is a whisper of green in the bliss of a purely neutral bedroom. Open your shutters and Juliette balcony doors to breathe in the beauty of the natural world below, where a living botanical bouquet awaits you every day.

Swimming in the aquamarine waters of your heated pool while overlooking the spectacular mountainous backbone of northwest Mallorca is a perfect way to awaken your senses. You can enjoy the sun while lying in a fringed hammock under a sturdy tree or relax on a luxurious double-corner sofa and let yourself drift off to sleep.

The Venetian plaster wall above you holds three decorative straw sunbursts suspended like dandelion clocks in the breeze. This is a place where you can take your time and forget about the world around you.

In the kitchen, you can prepare your lunch under the gentle curves of the vaulted ceilings. The apex of an ornate arched window is an elegant hallmark of Moorish architecture’s influence on the island in an otherwise minimalist space. The clean lines of cool stone, French grey, pistachio, and steel are the perfect canvas for your culinary creations.

Barefoot, you can cross the smooth, heated microcement floor of the living room and step onto the earthen path outside. In the sun-dappled shade, you can enjoy a luxuriously long meal at a generous wooden table.

Surrounding you are ‘pedra en sec’ dry-stone walls made from ancient, compressed marine sand—a UNESCO-protected art unique to the island and a gentle reminder that here, taking it slow is the way to go.

For a chance to win this life-changing holiday home and £250,000 in cash, enter the Omaze Million Pound House Superdraw, Mallorca, now.

The best part? Your entries will help raise vital funds to help Alzheimer’s Research UK boost clinical research and speed up progress towards a cure for dementia.

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